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Page 21a : Alice Schofield
Chas. Orr, Sandwich, Illinois
Page 21b : John Vermilye, L.L.D.
C.W. Teller, Newburgh, N.Y.

Page 21c : Theron Potter
Chas. Orr, Sandwich, Illinois
Page 21d : unlabeled
Chas. Orr, Sandwich, Illinois

Theron Potter is listed in the 1880 census, born 1830 in New York, Wife Sarah A. Potter and daughters Ella and Lizzie, living in Sandwich, Illinois. Penny Krogstrand (in 2010) writes: I do find Theron and Sarah in the Kendall County Burial Records. Theron: son of Darius and Susan (Bower), b. Oct 15 1829 Genoa, NY d. Mar. 1903 Sarah A. (Bacon) Mrs. Theron b. Dec 1832 NY d. Feb. 27 1905

According to my records, Darius Potter and Hart Potter were brothers. So that would make Theron and Platt cousins.

However, the Kendall County Burial Records have a Darius Potter as son of Eseck Potter. Eseck Potter was brother to John Potter, Hart Potter's father, so I think that would make Theron and Platt second cousins?? Eseck would be Theron's grandfather, while his brother, John, would be Platt's grandfather.

At this time, I don't have enough information in my files to determine if the Darius, son of Eseck is a different person from Darius, son of John Potter. The trees I looked at on Ancestry.com either don't have any sources or not enough.