Jacobus Strobbe
Joanna Muysman
Jacobus Van Bruynbroeck
Maria Theresa Vanhaelst
Leonard Strobbe
Rosalie Van Bruynbroeck

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  • Jacobus Strobbe, born in Aarsele, Belgium, about 1767, married Joanna Muysman
  • Joanna Muysman, born about 1775 in Ruiselede, Belgium, married Jacobus Strobbe
  • Leonard Strobbe, born 1801 in Aarsele, Belgium. Married Rosalie Van Bruynbroeck. Died 1846 in Aarsele, Belgium
  • Rosalie Van Bruynbroeck, born 1811 in Olsene, Belgium, married Leonard Strobbe.
  • Constantinus Strobbe, born 1838 in Pittem, Belgium, married Natalia Devos, died 1918 in Tielt, Belgium

The above data largely contributed by Robert C. Dalgleish, son-in-law of Medard Aloysius Strobbe, via email in February 2004. Robert maintains a website at http://www.nitpicker.org/Strobbe/WC01/WC01_045.HTM