Email from Anders Mjelde regarding his ancestor Ingeborg Jacobsdatter Bysheim

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Family tree drawn by Christian Olsen

Anders Mjelde responded on 5 January 2011 to information on this family website concerning one of his ancestors, Ingeborg Jacobsdatter Bysheim, who was described by Christian M. Olsen (1868-1914) using information gathered from relatives during a trip to Norway. Christian was born near Bergen, brought to America as a young boy when his family emmigrated, but then returned to Norway while still a boy so that he could be educated in Norwegian. Christian Olsen displayed at least part of what he learned in a large family tree in Norwegian and English, which has been translated by a descendent of Christian's brother Nils, who currently lives in Oslo.

Below is the account of Anders Mjelde

My attention was to day drawn to your family album available on the Internet. A quick review of the material indicate a major contribution on your behalf. I noticed a link to my family with two brothers noted in the available information: Mons Mjelde (b. 07.02.1862, d. 24.01.1924), and Lars Mjelde (b. 30.03.1874, d. 1948). A few clarifications may be needed; Mons was an editor in various newspapers (Norges Sjøfartstidende 1906-1910; Verdens Gang 1910-1913). However, he was never editor for Tidens Tegn. He was the Scandinavian correspondent during the first world war in London (incl Sweden, Denmark and Norway). I am working on a book project (manuscript) on Mons Mjelde. It is based on more than 100 letters he wrote his family during his lifetime, starting with the first one he wrote as a deckhand 16 years old on a sailing ship to get practical seamanship prior to applying adnission at the Norwegian Naval Academy. He was accepted, and passed as the next best in his class i 1883. Unfortunately, he was not given a commission as officer as he was a keen "Venstremann", and he was caught up in the political turmoil in 1883-84. I hope to get the financial aspect sorted out in order to get the book published. I may add that Mons was a keen navigator, and wrote a paper on the "eyktarstad"-problem (Where was Leif Erikson staying the winter when he first came to Vinland? The question is based on observation in the Sagas on the shortest day before Christmas.) A paper was published in Historisk Tidsskrift 1924-25.

A book on the subject was published in 1954 (Almar Næss: Hvor lå Vinland). The book was based on the previous paper by Mons, but was given a more coprehensive treatment on the mathematical side. The finding of the location of the camp differ considerable from the conventional view.

Lars Mjelde was a younger brother of Mons (he was born 1874 - please correct). He applied for admission to the Norwegian Army Academy, and was accepted i 1893, and passed in 1896, when he he was commisioned as officer. He rose to the rank of colonel in 1931. In 1934 Lars retired ("Avskjed i nåde") and lived in retirement till 1939-40, when he was recalled/mobilized. He was given the position of area commander in District no 6 (North-Norway), and was next-in-command under general C. G. Fleischer. Lars was 66 years old, and the burden as an active senior wartime officer caused him to be hospitalized by end of May 1940 due to high blood-pressure. At that time the battle of Narvik was nearly over with only a small German force pushed up towards the Swedish border, and the city of Narvik re-conquered. 1-2 weeks later the Allied forces were pulled back due to the French situation, and the fighting in Norway ceased. However, for all practical purposes, the Commander-in-Chief (Gen Fleischer) witrh his next-in-command were at that time the first and only military commander to have defeated a German commander.

This may be a bit lenghty add-on to your album, but you may find it of some interest. (My grandfather was brother of Mons and Lars).

If any questions, do not hesitate to ask me.

Anders Mjelde.