Origins of the John J. Nenno Collection

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Mary Lou Nenno, in June 2003, relates that her interest in collecting and organising originated when her sister shared a family tree school project many years ago. The pictures she owns had been stored in the attic of Evelyn Nenno (a daughter of John J. Nenno) on Grove Street in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, but that upon the death of Evelyn, many of the pictures were removed by an uncertain relative and the originals remain out of view today, though professionally-made copies are part of this album.

Mary Lou did most of her work in the early 1980's, collaborating with the late Don Gentner of Palo Alto, Clayton Nenno of New York, and Betty Nenno Wilson of New York and later Sun Lakes, Arizona. In June 2003, Mary Lou kindly loaned some of her collection to Tom McFarland for digital reproduction.

In addition, Marlene (Nenno) Berres retains a dozen framed photos dating from 1875 to 1920, images of the Agatha Berchler, Bertha Zastrow and descendents which may be reproduced here eventually. Photos on MARLENE'S WALL, all sealed in frames, not easily removed

  1. large photo of Bertha Zastrow's parents and siblings, abt 1895
  2. later photo of above family
  3. wedding photo of John J Nenno and Bertha Zastrow
  4. Full body photo of Agathe Berchler
  5. Milk wagon photo of John J. Nenno
  6. photo of Gerald Nenno in Nat'l guard uniform, abt 1930
  7. alternate portrait photo of Bertha Zastrow, about 1905
  8. About 5-7 others