The following tree was drawn by Tom McFarland using information from website Arnfrids anetavle (Arnfrid's ancestors). This website is no longer available. It was apparently created by Norwegian genealogist Arnfrid Mæland for private viewing. Attempts to contact the creator were rebuffed. Other genealogy work by Arnfrid Mæland (in Norwegian) can be seen by googling her name.

Ole Persen Aasheim
Ole Haldorsen Aasheim
Sigri Olsdatter Aasheim
Jacob Olsen Raknes
Marte Raknes
Ole Olsson Aasheim
Agate Jacobsdatter Raknes
Marita Olesdatter Raknes (1672-1749)

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Family tree drawn by Christian Olsen

(source: website Arnfrids anetavle )