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John W. Landis as a young adult, first (and probably only) husband of Alice Louise Cox (see family trees]. Nothing is written or printed on the photo, but supporting this identification, note that this album is centered on Alice Louise Cox ; the early position of this photo in the album suggests that this person is close to Alice. It's two opposing photos may have been removed by this man's son William and now is photo #1 in granddaughter Sally's collection. Also supporting this claim is the discovery (in 2001) of a photo album created by this man's mother (Hannah) in which this man appears with father and brothers at a slightly younger age. At the risk of seeming weird by dwelling on "ear lobe shape", compare with Edmund Landis (Sr.), who is father to John W. Landis. Clothing style is dated 1880, when John William Landis would have been 26 years old. In 2001, a third photo of John Wm. Landis was found in the home of his granddaughter Dorathy (Landis) McFarland in Phoenix.

John William Landis