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Nothing is written on any photo; all prints made in Chicago. Upper left photo of Edmund Landis (Sr.) was apparently made late in life : earlier photos show a shorter beard. Also compare this photo of a younger Edmund M. with a possible later photo . Clothing style is 1870's for all people. The lower left sector of this page was actually empty, but is filled here with a copy of the photo of Edmund Sr's 3rd son John William, which is on page 30 of this album. Thus, here the father is shown with all 3 sons.
Page 29 (upper left)
Edmund Landis (Sr.), est 1875
  Page 29 (upper right)
Edmund M. Landis, est 1875 (oldest son)
(See later photo)

Page 29 (lower left)
added photo of John W. Landis (youngest son)
(See later photo)
  Page 29 (lower right)
Roland Landis, est 1875