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Nothing is hand-written on any photo; upper 2 prints made in Chicago and both sets of clothing date from the 1870's. Upper left could be Alma (Moore) Landis, wife of Edmund M. Landis. It is doubtful that the upper right is "Edmund Landis", since Edmund M. Landis was born in October 1846, and a clothing date of 1875 would be hard to reconcile with the apparent age of this man. Another possibility is Dr. Valentine Vermilye (born 1818), a popular figure in Sandwich.
Page 32 (upper left)
Alma (Moore) Landis, est 1875
  Page 32 (upper right)
Edmund M. Landis (?), est 1880
Another photo of Edmund M.

The 3 people shown below are probably close relatives of Hannah Potter Landis,
who spent her first two decades of life near Wakefield, Rhode Island.
Page 32 (lower left) Unknown

(print made by "L.H. Clarke Photo Wakefield")
Clothing dates from the 1880's
These 3 photos from Rhode Island are probably from Hannah's family. At the right may be one of Hannah's cousins or a sister-in-law (all 3 of Hannah's sisters were dead by 1845). A similar face can be seen as [8] in the 1886 Adams family reunion and on page 12, but the Adams photo does not include John William Landis, brother-in-law of Mary (Cox) Adams [18], who would be the only reason to include a member of the Robinson family in an Adams reunion photo.
Page 32 (lower right, visible)
Lucy (Smith) Potter (?)
(print made by Washington Gallery,
47 Westminster St, N. Ghirardini)
Nicholas Ghirardini, a photographer on Westminster St. in Providence, R.I., dying at age 44 in 1869. Dress dates from the 1840's. Thus, this image dates from early 1860s or late 1850s. Possibly this may be Lucy (Smith) Potter, 1798-1871, wife of Col. Christy Potter, whose family may have taken in Hannah after her parents died in 1825 and 1828.
  Page 32 (lower right, hidden)
Print made by "L.H. Clarke Photo Wakefield".
Wakefield is near Kingstown, in Rhode Island.
Unknown : An alternate photo (?)
Clothing appears late 1880s