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Roscoe-Nenno family tree

Teresa Marie Roscoe (born 29 Oct 1952) with husband
James Michael Salyer (married 24 July 1982);
they have 2 sons (Joseph Lloyd and James Kirk),
and James has a son (John Travis) by an earlier marriage

Horace Rowan Salyer and Wanda Elaine (Snyder), parents of James Michael Salyer
Horace died at age 81 on 26 September 1989 in Hardin, Montana
Wanda was born 25 May 1919, died 4 November 1995 in Hardin.

Images below have been removed from this website at the request of the Salyer family

Left to right: Teresa Salyer, son Jim Salyer, Diana McFarland, son Joe Salyer, and Diana's father Tom McFarland. Teresa's grandmother Florence and Tom's grandmother Adele were sisters. (Billings, June 2002)

Left to right: Tom McFarland, Emily Roscoe, Diana McFarland, Jim Salyer, Joe Salyer (Billings, June 2002)