Two possible photos of Ida Landis

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Left photo part of "teen album" of Dorathy McFarland created in Mankato, Minnesota. Clothing, such as hat, date this photo in the mid-1910s. The identification "Ida Landis" is largely by elimination of other possibilities. No other modestly close relative born about 1885 exists excepting those for whom photos unlike this one exist. Ida was a cousin of Dorathy's father William. This writer saw a similar photo of Ida in Dorathy's home in 2001, but could not copy it   Right photo is part of a set of 5 photos kept by William W. Landis, possibly passed to him by his father John William Landis when John died in 1921. Clothing, such as hat, date this photo about 1904. The photo was originally thought to be Louise Landis, sister to William W. Landis, but William's daughter Jeanne insists that this does not look like Louise (who Jeanne knew). However, "Ida Landis" would also be a reasonable ID for this photo. Born in 1885, 4 years after Louise and 2 years before William, Ida was the daughter of John Landis' brother Edmund M. Landis. Looking for facial features which could be used to compare this photo with existing photos of Louise, I chose M = (mouth width)÷(distance from mouth to base of nose). The woman in this photo has M=3.2, whereas Louise measures M about 2.6, which argues in favor of this woman being Ida rather than Louise. John and Edmund both lived in the Chicago suburbs. Ida died by suicide in 1922.