Joris D. Brinckerhoff
Susannah Dubbels
Abraham Brinckerhoff
Aeltje Stryker
Jan Brinckerhoff
Catherine Rapelje
Joris Brinckerhoff
Elizabeth Smith
John G. Brinckerhoff
Maria Ter Bosch
Garret Brinckerhoff
Phebe Boice

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Davids family history

  • Joris Dircksen Brinckerhoff, son of Dirck Brinckerhoff, was born in Vorden, Gelderland about 1604. He moved to Amsterdam, where he married June 11, 1628, to Susannah Dubbels. He set sail for New Amsterdam on May 17, 1641, on the "Den Eyckenboom", and arrived in the New World August 14, 1641. He settled with his family in what is now Brooklyn, where he died Jan 16, 1661.
  • Susannah Dubbels,
    Marriage: 11 Jun 1628 in Amsterdam, No. Holland, Netherlands
    Dirck Brinckerhoff b. 25 Feb 1628/29 in Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Hendrick Jorison Brinckerhoff b. 25 Feb 1628/29 in Vlissingen, Drenthe, Holland
    Abraham Jorise Brinckerhoff b. 1631 in Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Aeltje Brinckerhoff b. 1 Mar 1632/33
    Dirck (2) Brinckerhoff b. 2 Jan 1634/35 in Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Isaack Brinckerhoff b. 2 Dec 1636 in Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Jacob Brinckerhoff b. 3 May 1639 in Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Aeltje (2) Brinckerhoff
    Data for Susannah Dubbels from gencircles website
  • Abraham Brinckerhoff, son of Joris Dircksen, was born in Amsterdam about 1631. He came to this country with his parents in 1641, and married May 20, 1660 Aeltje, daughter of Jan Stryker. He resided in Flatlands, Kings County (present-day Brooklyn) and in Newtown, Queens County, where he died in 1711.
  • Jan Brinckerhoff, born about 1671. He married about 1698 to Catherine, daughter of Daniel Rapelje, and resided in Flushing, Queens. He died in 1707, and his widow subsequently married Joseph Van Cleef.
  • Joris Brinckerhoff, born in Flushing (baptized May 29, 1705). He married about 1728 to Elizabeth Smith, and that year removed to what is now Fishkill, Duchess County, New York, where he died about 1765.
  • John G. Brinckerhoff, born in Fishkill on May 13, 1733. He married on April 17, 1755 to Maria, daughter of Henry Ter Bosch. He owned a large farm on the banks of the Hudson, and was Captain in the Dutchess County militia during the Revolution. He died Mar 23, 1820.
  • Garret Brinckerhoff, son of John G., was born in Fishkill on March 7, 1780. He married in Aug 1803 to Phebe, daughter of Simon Boice. He inherited his father's farm in Fishkill, and lived there until his death on May 21, 1846, which occured when a barn he was pulling down collapsed on him. Garrett appears to be buried in Fishkill Rural Cemetery.The children of Garret and Phebe Brinckerhoff were:
    1. Daniel, born Dec 8, 1804, married first on July 21 1829 to Caroline Boice (1809-1834). He married second on May 31, 1836 to Hannah Dubois (1808-1888). He was a prominent farmer and nurseryman in Fishkill, and died there on Dec 23, 1866.
    2. Maria, born Aug 21, 1806, married Henry Van Wart Davids.
    3. Stephen, born Mar. 29, 1810, married Jan 22, 1840 to Emma Brinckerhoff, daughter of his first cousin George. He inherited his father's farm in Fishkill, where he died Nov. 22, 1877.
    4. Cornelius R., born Sept 25, 1812, married Feb 24, 1836, to Catherine Maria Russell (1819-1884). For a time he resided in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. and ran a steamboat on the Hudson, but in 1949 moved to Batavia, N.Y., and then on to Rochester, where he died Mar 18, 1881. He was a well-known engineer and inventor, and patented a number of farm implements.
  • Henry Van Wart Davids and Maria Brinckerhoff lived in Fishkill-on-the-Hudson in N.Y., these identifications from a bible kept in the Edgerton family. Fishkill is 4 miles west the town named Brinkerhoff, both about 40 miles north of Manhattan. Born about 1800. The will of their son Henry refers to a neice Mary Oscar Davids. This family has been extensively studied by James Downey.

    Information on the Brinckerhoff and Boice families comes from [A] a record in a bible, and research by James Downey communicated and saved by Kathryn Greene and Pat Stephenson.