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Woman's clothing dated 1880's. Given that the left photo was printed in Providence, this may be Mrs. Snow, mother of the children pictured on the previous pair of pages. The woman (left) and her assumed husband on the facing page, bear a resemblance to Albert and Emeline Cox, two of whose daughters married sons of Hannah Landis. However, I propose that this Mrs. Snow is one of Hannah's sisters.
Small picture of 2 girls printed in Racine, Wisconsin, was tucked into the margin. Their clothing dated 1885-8. Racine was home to Marie Adams, the eldest daughter of Albert and Emeline Cox. Maria's eldest child, Lydia, was 14 years old in 1885. Maria's other 2 children were boys, but beginning in 1888, Maria cared for Charlotte Davids, who was 10 years old in 1885.