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Pages 12 and 13 of Cox Album

These are among the few photos which bear dedications. On the back of the left photo is "Lydia Adams, 13 years"; on the back of the right photo is "Vinnie Adams", and his age was cut off; however, assuming these photos were taken simultaneously, and using 1880 census data, we can infer that Vinne is 10 years old, and the photos were taken in the year 1884. The pair of photos on the facing page 13 (below) shows Albert (dedicated "Allie Adams aged 7") and a baby picture, perhaps Vinnie or Lydia. Other photos of Lydia exist: photo A and photo B and photo C. Vinnie's father's obituary identifies this boy as "W. Vincent Adams". Lydia eventually became Mrs. William S. Sterritt, and raised 3 children in Marseilles, Illinois, dying in 1943. Both Vinnie and Albert had children. Clothing style is 1880's. Both photos by Charlie E. Orr, Sandwich, Ills.

(Page 12 left) Lydia Adams
See later photo
  (Page 12 right) W. Vinnie Adams
See later photo

(Page 13 left) labeled "Allie Adams age 7 yrs"
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(Page 13 right) unknown (Lydia Adams ?)
Compare with Vinnette Humphrey