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Top photo (a tin type, about 1880) may be a joke, showing the 3 children of Maria (Cox) Adams, left to right: Albert (? dressed as a girl?), Lydia, and W. Vincent. Lydia seems trying to avoid laughing. Also see census data for these kids. The bottom photos are higher resolution scans of Albert, Lydia, and W. Vincent, together with a baby picture made in Marseilles, Illinois. Thus, the baby picture must be Lydia's first daughter (by Fred Humphrey) named Vinette. See Lydia's obituary?

Adams kids about 1880
Photo #32 (Vinnie Adams)
Photo #32 (Albert Adams ??)
Photo #32 (Lydia Adams)
Photo #32b (Vinette Humphrey ?)
(alternate photo of Vinnette)