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The Vestry Book of Carnteel parish, Church of Ireland church in Aughnacloy, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, reads a bit like the minutes of church meetings, decribing the need to repair the church property and sometimes naming individuals in the community. The name "McFarland" appeared in the Vestry book only in the 3 Names Legends copied below. Other Names Legends were dated as earliy as 1711, so the first "McFarlands" probably came to Armaloughy townland from Scotland about 1700. The images below were scanned from photocopies of Mormon microfilm #1279527. The most recent of 3 scanned pages bearing the name "Andrew McFarland" (1795-1801) is reproduced to readable scale below. The other two such pages (1748-1754 and 1771-1778) are reproduced as smaller un-readable icons but also as readable text. If the reader is viewing these pages from a CD or DVD, clicking on the image will call up a readable bitmap image. This writer (Tom McFarland in 2008) is concerned only with the 2-3 people named "Andrew McFarland", but other names are reproduced as text, as a service to persons who might google this page while researching these surnames.

The rector of the Carnteel church (William Long in 2008) comments in part on this list, as follows:

The list in question is from the General Vestry Book; that's to say, the list of persons who register as Church of Ireland members. They must be 18 years of age or over and have subscribed to church funds. As registered vestry persons, they are entitled to be voted on to the Select Vestry; that is, a party of 12 members and others, whose job it is to look after the well-being of the church and its properties. This is an annual election; though, to be honest, the same folk are elected year on year! In the 18th and 19th centuries, it's fair to say that many vestry members were pretty well-heeled.

To the right of the name "Andrew McFarland", below in a green box
and magnified at the right, is a footnote added by the transcriber of
these names. The footnote appears to read "B'Gawley weaver"; However, Evelynn Cartwright, viewing the same microfilm, feels that this foot note reads "of Garvey weaver", Garvey being a location about 3 miles south of Ballygawley

Names as signed in Vestry Book from 1795 to 1801
John Robinson Rector 14th Ap 1795 Thos. Peden
Geo. Galbraith John Montgomery
Wath : Mont : Moore Thos. Montgomery
Thos. Forsyth Robt. Cole
Alex. Erwin Means Thompson
Edwd. Moore Wm. Gibson
Robt. Sloan Wm. Starrock Rector Ap 1798
Geo. McWilliams Geo. McWilliams
J. Davison 30th Sept 1795 Jas. Falls
Presbyterian Minister 27 July 97
28 March 96, 25 April 96, 17 April 97
William Fr Speer
John Falls Jos. Forsyth
Henry Falls Armar Marshall
Thos. Falls Jr. Thos. Armstrong
Alex. Jackson Wm. Curry
Robt. Miles Thos. Coote
Jas. Betty Jas. Irwin
Thos. Findlater Falls ? Robinson
Robt. McFarland McCarland? Wm. Watson
William Breckinredy Wm. Neilson
Edwd. Gillespie Andrew McFarland B'Gawley weaver
John Henderson Franas O'Neil
Acheson Moore Robt. Miles
  Ralph Semple
  Hugh McDowell

Vestry Book registrations from 1748 to 1754 Vestry Book registrations from 1771 to 1778
Names signed in Vestry Book from 1748 to 1754
Moses Campbell Saml Eccles
John Forsyth
of Aughnacloy merchants
Geo Moore
John Williams Thos. Thompson
John Kerr Wm Colisay
Constantine O'Neil John Dalimer
Thos Leech Geo Livingston
Ch Congreve Christopher Fleming
Jas Askin Robt McConnell
Thos Doustard John Beains
Edwd Moore John Montgomery
Jas Hanna Val Campbell ?
Henry Cooper Uriah Wm Warnock
John Rea Andrew McFarland
Acheson Moore (his last appearance at Vestry was 1749
John Clark Francis Harvey
Robt Montgomery Jas Hughes
John Stewart Geo Collins ? 1756
Jas Findly Wm Ireland
Geo Martin
John Gibson Barnaby Mercer
John Murray
Thos Forsyth Hugh Hamilton
John Douglas
John Falls Jos Gibson
Rich Douglas
Jos Forsyth ? Barnaby Boyl
Wm Cooper
Thos Forsyth Wm Murray
Alex Beggs
Wm Warnock Collins
Names as signed in Vestry Book from 1771 to 1778
Geo Galbraith Jos Marshall
Acheson Moore
of Aughnacloy merchants
And McFarlane
David Johnston John Neilson
John Anderson Jas Neilson
Jas Richardson
of Aughnacloy merchants
Wm Warnock
Leslie Auchenleck Henry Falls
Robt Cooper Robt Miles
Wm Miles David Findley
John Watson Acheson O'Neil
Thos Bell Jas Bradford
Edwd Scanlan Jas Brown
Thos Forsyth J.P. John Cooper
Wm Dunkin J.P. John McWilliams
Jas Falls Thos Cammock
of Aughnacloy merchants
Wild McDowell Moses Beans
John McWilliams Wm Hardy
Anthony Thompson John Hughes
Saml Casson Alex Moore
Geo McWilliams Jas McMaster
Wm Bell John Bell
Jos Beanes Moses Beans
Jas Rea Jos Gibson
of Aughnacloy
Jas Falls Thos Beden
  John Jackson