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Left photo made by A.N. Hardy, No. 22 Winter Street, Boston; the right photo is a tin type. Nothing is written on either photo. The clothes in both photos date from the early 1870's. See a discussion of the identities of these people attached to a later photo of this woman taken 1880-2. The neck medallion in the left photo is the same as that worn both by this woman later in her life, but also by an unknown woman in an album created by Hannah. It is natural to imagine that since these two images were adjacent in the album, therefore the two women are closely related. The most promising scenario is that the woman at the left is Julia (Bates) Robinson, 2nd wife of Edward Robinson (Hannah's brother), and the younger woman is Edward's daughter Louisa (1837-1871).

(left) unknown (Julia Bates Robinson ?)   (right) unknown (Louisa Robinson)