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Nothing is hand-written on either photo. Each photo uses entire album page. Both prints made in Baltimore. The left photo is stamped "Shorey, 157 W. Balto., Baltimore". Photographer William F. Shorey had a studio at 157 West Baltimore Street from 1879 until 1886, and this may date the photo. The estimate "1870s" supplied by Leslie Belais of the Wisconsin Historical Society, and was based on clothing style.

The early position of these photos in the album suggests these are important people in Hannah's life; an earlier photo of the woman is part of the Cox album. See a discussion of possible identities in the Cox Album. Clothing style is 1870's for man; 1880-2 for woman, suggesting that if this pair had been married, the man may have died before 1882. Also, the man appears in his 60s, and thus born between 1810 and 1820. One possibility is Edward W. Robinson, brother of Hannah Potter (Robinson) Landis; Edward was several years older and lived in Baltimore for the 1870 and 1880 censuses. The woman on page 5 could then be Edward's 2nd wife, Julia Bates. A more remote possibility for the man is a brother of Edmund Sr., namely Michael Grundaker Landis (1805-1882), but this brother is not known to have lived in Baltimore.

Page 4 (left)
Edward W. Robinson (?), est 1870s
print by Shorey, 157 W. Balto. St, Baltimore
  Page 5 (right); identity unknown, est 1880-2
print by Cummings, Balitmore
copy of print in Cox album