Matthew Robinson
Mary Segar Potter
Susan Bowen
Edward W. Robinson
Julia A. Bates
John E.B.

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Penny Krogstrand writes as follows (using Ancestry.Com ; email 28 May 2011) :

I did find two different "trees" for Edward Robinson. One indicated that he had two wives, one, Susan Perkins Bowen, who died in 1841 leaving Edward with a young daughter named Louisa Emily (1837-1871) and also had a deceased son, John E.B. (1834-1837) He then married Julia Ann Bates in 1942 and had two daughters with her, Kate (Cathe in the census below) Littig (1843-1858) and Fannie (1856-1883). This shows up in the 1850 census where Edward is listed as Edward N. Robinson. Note that the Maryland Birth Place is a Transcription Error. The original image has Edward's birth place as Rhode Island.

This is what got me thinking that Hannah may have lived with Edward at some point in time. If Edwards' first wife were having health problems, Edward may have asked for Hannah to come live with his family, thus allowing her to meet and marry Edmund Landis in Baltimore. Hannah may have lived with Christy Potter or one of her older half-brothers for awhile before coming to Baltimore.

Three photographs exist (below) which were printed in Baltimore in the interval 1870-1890, and the child's image, though identity unknown, suggests Edward's lineage survived into the 1880s, when mortality had been reduced due to medical advances. Also, the 1901 obituary of Edward's sister Hannah, contained the phrase "Baltimore papers copy", suggesting that someone in Hannah's family lived in Baltimore in 1901, probably a child of one of Edward's two daughters (Louisa or Fannie). Examination of Maryland property records might reveal survivors after Edward and Julia died.

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Edward W. Robinson (?), est late 1870s
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    Children of Matthew Robinson and Mary Seager Potter. Dates are from the Hazard book (* below). It is likely that these dates are off by several years, but the birth order is probably correct. Explanations given with data for Matthew and Mary.

  1. John P. Robinson, born 1799, a twin, died 1801, aged 2 years
  2. Rowland Robinson, born 1799, a twin, married 1834; died 1859, aged 60 years; left children
  3. Samuel S., born 1801; married 1825; died 1874, aged 73 years; left children
  4. Maria, born 1803, died 1831, aged 27; was never married. The Rhode Island Cemetery index lists a Maria Robinson, born "1821c", died 1849, buried in North Burial Ground, North Main Street, Providence, R.I.
  5. Frances W. Robinson, born 1804; married Benjamin Balch 1842; died 1845, aged 41 years; left no children. The Rhode Island Cemetery index lists a Frances W. Balch (born 1812c, died 16 Jun 1845) buried in Grace Episcopal Cemetery, Elmwood Avenue at Broad Street, Providence.
  6. William C. Robinson, born 1806; died 1827, aged 21 years. The Rhode Island Cemetery index lists a William C. Robinson (1806-1827) buried in the Riverside Cemetery, High Street, Wakefield.
  7. Sarah Ann Robinson, born 1807, died at age 25 (this age from the Hazard book). The Rootsweb cemetery index lists a Sarah Anne Robinson, born "1815c", died 19 June 1843, the exact date of a dedicated poem, buried in Grace Church Cemetery, Elmwood Avenue at Broad Street, Providence, Rhode Island, in Plot 244, which contains members of the Balch family (see sister Frances above). Of course, 1843 minus 25 is 1818, rather than 1807.
  8. Edward W. Robinson, born 1809; married 1835; had children (according to Hazard). An Edward W. Robinson is listed in the 1880 Rhode Island census as having been born in 1809, with wife Julia A. Robinson, who was born about 1821 in New York, living in Baltimore. He is also listed in the 1870 Baltimore census (born 1810c in R.I.) living with his wife, 14-year-old daughter Fannie and 2 unrelated people.
  9. Hannah Potter Robinson, born 1811, from Hazard book, or 1819-1820 from census and personal record. Married Edmund Landis in 1845 in Baltimore. Died in 1901 in Chicago. More data on parents' page.
  10. S. Ayrault Robinson, born 1814; not married.

Sources of the above information include:

  1. (* references in above text) the book Recollections of Olden times; Rowland Robinson and his unfortunate daughter, by Thomas R. Hazard, 1879 reprinted 1998. The book is interesting, but there are some details are undependable.
  2. Mormon records
  3. Potter Genealogy via Penny Krogstrand: Full name of the published genealogy is, "Genealogies of the Potter Families and Their Descendants in America to the Present Generation, with Historical and Biographical Sketches" Edited by Charles Edward Potter and copyright 1888 . Penny is a granddaughter of Arthur Platt Potter.
  4. There is a Robinson Genealogical Society, through professional genealogist Paul Bunnell, email "". This man wrote a generalogy for his friend, William Champlin Robinson
    William Champlin Robinson writes (email 30 March 2009) as follows :

    I have donated to the Rhode Island Historical society some very old manuscripts and documents. The donation of approx. 62 items received by B.Lippencott was 29 Dec.1995. They were folded and tied with linen string and in good condition (so says the receipt) Other items were donated in 1962 to the Maryland Historical society. Two letters from Edward W.Robinson and his mother Frances 1815. The Rhode Island collection of letters might be interesting to you. I don't remember exactly what was there,but lots of sea captain and Newport information. I did request they be returned to me if the Society thought they were not suitable --.

    I do have a box or two of old interesting history most of which deals with Oil Company,but lots of other stuff. I'm not sure,but I think Rhuama summered in Chester Nova Scotia and I have old photos of that "somewhere"!

    (in email 17 June 2004) Paul Bunnel comments on the above collection,
    which he used to write House of Robinson :

    "William Champlin Robinson III who lives here in Massachusetts..... had original letters going back to the 1700-1800's. The Hannah Robinson info came from a letter that William Champlin Sr. dated 22 April 1930 to the Newport Historical Society on the family genealogy. This part of the letter was not clear so that is why I placed "?" by her husbands name (Edward Larned). "

  5. Vital Record of Rhode Island, 21 volumes, by James Arnold (1906), hence not available to Thomas Hazard. This work is a well-indexed compilation of brief but useful announcements of Rhode Island births, marriages, and deaths which appeared in vintage newspapers and church records.