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This print made by Cummings in Baltimore; the same studio produced the child's image on the opposite page.. Leslie Belais (Wis. Historical Society) says that her clothing dates from 1880-2. The distinctive neck clasp is the same as one worn by women in photo26 (left) and Page 6 in HPL album. The Hannah Landis Album contains a copy of this picture. Note the woman's ear lobe in both photos. The name of this woman is unknown, but a discussion of possible candidates follows :

[A] This woman cannot be a sister of Hannah Landis :. Hannah's family came from near Providence, and this woman appeared to live earlier in Boston . Also, by 1842, all 3 of Hannah's sisters had passed away. However, this woman is displayed opposite a man who may be Hannah's brother Edward in the "Hannah Landis album". Edward's wife (Julia ?) was alive for the 1880 census, living in Baltimore. The data favors this ID, but it is not clear why Emeline Cox would include in her family album two photos of an aunt of her son-in-law.

[B] Matilda (Landis) Hinckley, a sister of Edmund Sr., who lived in Chicago with her husband, and is buried at Rosehill Cemetery. If this woman is Matilda, how is she linked to Baltimore or Boston?

[C] Ann Margaret Landis, unmarried sister of Edmund Sr., who lived her later years with Edmund M. Landis in Chicago, died in 1884 and is buried in the Hannah Landis plot at Rosehill Cemetery. Her picture appears in this album adjacent to a young woman who might be her daughter and, in the Hannah Landis Album, opposite a man who could be her husband (or brother ?). This woman therefore must be important in both Cox and Landis families, which Ann Margaret seems not to be.

[D] Sarah Landis Maher : (very unlikely, but....) compare with a known newspaper photo of Sarah Maher. There is no evidence that Sarah was anything but a very distant Landis relative who figured prominently in US history.

[E] The mother of Albert Montfort Cox was Mary Dodge, daughter of William Dodge who was a colonial Governor of an eastern state, according to James Downey. The importance of the Dodge family may have inspired both Hannah Landis and Emeline Cox to include in their albums a relative from this branch of the Cox family, but it is not known which relative that might be.

unknown woman

demeanor in above photo similar to Queen Victoria