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Small photos on the same page. Left photo by N. Smith's Gallery, Bank Building, Cor. Main and R.R. Streets, Sandwich, C.E. Orr, Op'r. On the back of the left photo is handwritten " T. Weir / W Smith / Gallery" and at the bottom " C.E. Orr / Mr. T. Wier ", though the handwritten letters "ie" are partly cut off and hard to read. Right photo of woman by Charles E. Orr, Sandwich, Ill. My clothing advisor says the man's clothing dates from the late 1860's, but the woman's from the late 1880's. The woman's image appears in the Potter album, identified as Jesse (Vermilye) Woodward. The Weir Album contains a copy of this photo. The Potter album contains a later photo identified as T.A. Weir , who married Maria Vermilye. Stephanie Weir (in February 2004) identified this man as Thomas A. Weir, her great-grandfather

(left) Thomas Weir
(alternate photo)
  (right) Jesse (Vermilye) Woodward
(alternate photos)