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To Miss Hannah

How sweet in lone dejection's hour,
When rayless seems life's changing sky,
While clouds of sorrow o'er us lowers
And storms of dark despair are nigh:

To backward sail by memorys tide,
And call to mind departed years -
Those friends in whome we once relied,
The soothers of affliction's tears.

Oh then how prized some little boon,
some pledge of their affection dear;
'Twill turn griefs night to pleasure's noon -
The soul from fell despondence clear.

And such may this fair Album be,
A casket of the brightest gems;
Sweet blossums from affection's tree,
Pearls set in Friendship's diadems.

signed "Abby"

The author is NOT Abby Dear Potter, daughter of Col. Christy Potter. Abby Dear Potter died as a child, alas. Hannah's cousin, William Champlin Robinson (Jr.) married Abby Shaw in 1827. Also, in 1887, Hannah's son John William Landis visited "Abbie" in Boston