Sally (Illian) Bailey's Old Family Album

Assembled electronically by Tom McFarland in 2000
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This album contains pictures dating from about 1880 through the early 20th century, from the Cox, Landis, and Nenno families. It is not known at this time how these photos came into Sally's possession, or how they might have been related to other old photos. Many original's are in Sally's possession. Images were scanned from the original prints, except for photos #1, #2, #4, and #5, which were from good quality recent copies created by Sally for her sisters, Carroll and Suzie.

Some photos were apparently tin types, since nearly identical photos exist in that form in the Cox family album. Tin types were available from 1852 and common through 1890.

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Alice Louise Cox at about age 20 (1877).
The cameo Alice wears has been saved
Other pictures of Alice are available.
Photo #1

Alice Louise Cox at about age 35 (1892). On the back of this photo is written "My mother when she was young, Daddy 1951", and in a different handwriting, possibly an earlier form from the same writer, is written "Alice Louise (Cox) Adams" Photo #1a

Alice Louise Cox (seated right) and unknown (standing left). The standing person, to my eye, seems rather spinsterish ; a similar person is pictured in the Potter album , and a similar photo is part of the Cox family album. The original photos were probably a tin types. Photo #2

The back of the left photo is "my grandfather Maj. Cox, my mothers father. Daddy 1951"
written by William Walter Landis a year before he died in Milwaukee. See other photos of this couple.
Right photo: Emeline Cox, mother of Alice Louise (Cox) Landis. On the back is written: "Grandma Cox who lived & died in Sandwich, Ill. My mothers mother. I was a small boy when she died. She would have been a great, great grandmother to Tomie, Patie, & Bryant McFarland, also Carol Jean & Suzie Illian.
Dad Landis 11-4-51"
Photo made in Sandwich, Ill. by Chas. Orr, machine dated 1881. The hand writing is by William W. Landis, who probably wrote on all of Sally's photos at the same time, but only this one is precisely dated.
Photo #3a Photo #3

  • (upper left) Louise (Landis) Allyn
  • (upper right) possibly Adele (Nenno) Landis
  • (lower left) Josephine (Allyn) Ramage (Louise's daughter)
  • (lower right) Dorothy Adele (Landis) McFarland (Louise's neice and Adele's daughter)
  • Photo about 1917, probably in the Allyn family back yard in Delavan, Wis.
Photo #4

William Walter Landis (left) at age 5, possibly with cousin Edmund R. Landis (born 1887), son of Edmund M. Landis. Original photo is probably a tin type about vintage 1892. A similar photo is part of the Cox family album.
Right photo: William Walter Landis at about age 6. Only "W479" is written on the back, probably by the photographer, which was "Billings" in Racine Wisconsin, where William Walter was apparently enrolled in Racine College military Academy by his father after a divorce from Alice L. Cox.
Photo #5a Photo #5

William Walter Landis at age 13 in uniform of Racine College, where his father sent him to school after a divorce.
On the back of this photo, in old handwriting, are the words:
"Easter Greeting"
Grand pa & Grandma
Willie age 13 - years - 1901
Racine College
Also, see William Landis' Diary from 1901. Racine College was located on 40 acres at the south edge of Racine,
along the shore of Lake Michigan. A vintage yearbook with pictures has been located.
Photo #6 Photo #6 enlarged

The four youngest Nenno sisters, Lala (left), Adele, Lilian, and Elsie (photo about 1899).
Photo #7

The back of the left photo is labeled "my grandmother Landis when she was young. Daddy" and in a different handwriting, "Hannah P. Landis (Robinson)".
The first was written about 1951, by William Walter Landis, who died a year later. Prior to 1951, Wm. Landis had a serious car accident which may have affected his handwriting. Thus, both notes may have been from William Landis.
Print made about 1880 in Chicago. A copy occurs in the Hannah Landis album, the latter in better condition is used here. A similar photo occurs in the Cox family album. The next photo is of her husband. On the back of Sally's print are the words "My grandmother Landis, Daddy" written by William W. Landis about 1951. Also written in a different hand is "Hannah P. (Robinson) 1820-1901".
Photo #9   Photo #8

Edmund Landis (Sr). Photo about 1880. A similar photo occurs in the Cox family album, and he is shown about 1880 outside his Chicago office in Carroll's scrapbook shows this man . The above photo is of his wife, Hannah Potter (Robinson) Landis. Photo #9

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