Will of Guy Clements dated 1888
Located by Evelynn Cartwright and transcribed by Tom McFarland, February 2012

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Clements Guy Died 20 July 1888
Amt of Assets : £ 626:10:0
McFarland, Martha

In the name of God: Amen.

I, Guy Clements of Moylagh in the Parish of Clogherny and County of Tyrone, Farmer, of impaired bodily health & strength & conscious of the uncertainty of human life but of sound mind and disposing memory do make this my last Will & Testament in the manner as follows.

I will and bequeath to my son Robert Orr Clements my entire interest in my two Farms of land in the townlands of Moylagh & Legacurry, together with my stock, crop, Farming Implements Household Furniture and all monies or equivalents for money and all other effects now possessed by me for his use and advantage, believing him to be worthy to be endowed with all my worthy goods. Further, I name and constitute as my Executors my son Robert Orr Clements of Moylagh, Mr. John Clements of Killybrack and Mr. Andrew McFarland of Ardmaloughey, In Witness whereof I attach my signature this eleventh day of May, One thousand eight hundred and eighty eight (1880 as written)

Signed Guy Clents

In presence of us , Samuel Cochran, James Cunningham.
For Probate, see Probate Book No. 5 page 445
Will & probate 5 fols
Affidavit of due execution filed.

Robert M'Farlane
Anthony Sloan

Probate 27 March 1907